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The FilTer BaSe Database is online and available via


Searching the Database (go back to Contents)

The content of the database can be searched via the Search Database page, as shown below.(highlighted in red):


Basic Search (go back to Contents)

•Search by SMILES: Users can input a single SMILES.For example: CCn1nnnc1SCC(=O)N

•Search by Compound Name: Users can input a single Compound Name.For example: 1-Methyl-5-(4-methyl-benzylsulfanyl)-1H-tetrazole

•Search by Compound Id: Users can input a single Compound Id.For example: 25 or Compound_25.Select a part of the compound from the drop down menu from P1 to P117

Advanced Search (go back to Contents)

Substructure Search (go back to Contents)

Compound Library (go back to Contents)

Right click and save target as... to save the 3D coordinates of the accepted compounds from the respective parts in mol2 format