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Flavonoids are richly diverse polyphenolic plant secondary metabolites that are known to be crucial component of human diet. These compounds are attributed with variety of nutritional as well as therapeutic value. Flavonoids are often known for their effective antioxidant nature; however, their various other bioactivities are well established. These bioactivities mainly includes antibacterial, anti-cancer, cardio protective, promotion of immune system, anti-inflammatory and skin protection from ultra violet radiation; these properties are effectively reviewed by Tungmunnithum et al 2018
Flavonoids have a typical tri-ringed flavone as a main chemical scaffold consisting fused heterocyclic chromen moiety (Ring A and C) attached to phenyl group (Ring B). This class is further subcategorized into Flavone, Flavanones, Isoflavones and Neoflavonoids based on placement of oxo group, phenyl ring as well as bond order of C2 and C3 carbon atoms in C ring. Furthermore, on the basis of placement of hydroxyl groups, more subclasses like Flavonols and Flavanols are sometimes referred.
Plethora of literature has piled up in recent decades that demonstrates various bioactivities of these flavonoids. However, a well-methodical structure-to-activity models are seldom published. In view of our continued interest in flavonoid research Patil and Gacche 2017, Patil et al 2016, Patil et al 2016, Gacche et al 2015, Gacche et al 2011 and enormous pharmaceutical as well as nutraceutical potential of this class of compounds we initiated FlavoDb project, a comprehensive platform for flavonoid class of compounds. The current version of database hosts data on about 1, 19,400 flavonoid compounds. FlavoDb is aimed to provide information on various flavonoid descriptors that will not only enable effective deduction of Quantitative Structure Activity Relationship models but also act as a central repository of flavonoid literature.

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Key features of the FlavoDb
1) User-friendly interface for querying compounds with physicochemical properties
2) Pubmed links of published literatures for all available compounds in the database
3) Efficient sub-structure based querying system


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Baban S.Kolte, Sanjay R.Londhe, Kamini T.Bagul, Shristi P.Pawnikar, Mayuri B.Goundge, Rajesh N.Gacche, Rohan J.Meshram. FlavoDb: A web based chemical repository of flavonoid compounds. 3 Biotech. (2019) October. DOI: 10.1007/s13205-019-1962-7. [In press]

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